Famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” And though he made the remark around 2350 years ago, in no other age but in this modern era, this felicitous quote has been more relevant and strikingly true. Indeed, we are in such a crossroad in the journey of human civilization where we have to take a decision and that too very urgently. The decision will determine how well and how long we are going to live on this planet earth! Interestingly, the decision is simple. It is as simple as deciding whether to cut open one’s proverbial egg yielding hen to get more eggs quickly or whether to jump off a cliff to check how deep it is! We have to decide whether we will continue to be so greedy that we will leave a scorched and diseased planet for our children or we will act wisely and help ushering in a brighter future for them. The problem is that most of us understand these facts but strangely we are reluctant to act on it! It’s high time to shake our complacency and lethargy and look beyond out petty personal aims and ambitions. As educators we will strive to sensitize our children towards these issues and I at the same time humbly request our parents to help the children broaden their outlook by setting real examples of good parenting and nurturing.

                                Finer and humane qualities like sympathy, kindness, forgiveness, brotherhood, sportsmanship etc are fast eroding from the society and are being veiled by the dark curtains of evil. We have to dispel the darkness from our spirits. Real education is not merely to make a child learn and earn. It is helping them kindle their goodness, finer qualities, hopes and aspirations; to learn to respect themselves irrespective of whatever background they belong; to develop a deep sense of belongingness with the country and the earth so that they can become the trustworthy stalwarts of the future time.

At the end of this message, I thank all the children, parents, staff and other stakeholders of KV Bagafa to welcome and accept me as the new Principal and I assure you that I will give whatever is the best in me and not let you down. Hoping to have a long lasting and rewarding relationship with you!

Thank you and All the Best!!

Jai Hind.  

(Dipankar Ray)